Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sewing "Studio"

Since I started quilting, I've wanted my own space to sew in. Right now I'm relegated to a little cubby on one side of our long and narrow basement....but...change it is a comin'!

Last week John told me he'd help me clear out the exercise room (really more a dump all room since we don't use the exercise equipment in there!) (blush) and that I could do whatever I want with it and make it my very own sewing "studio" (I'm not sure what criteria a space needs to meet in order to be called a studio rather than a room or nook, but I like the sound of it and's going to be my STUDIO. :-))

Here's what it looked like after all the boxes and what-not was cleared out. (no comment on the "locker room blue" looked more periwinkle in the store...seriously!)

And's my new color scheme with key lime green. The color isn't quite "true" on my computer, but I hope it is on's very "icy" and color reflective (thanks for the tip Kathy!)

Big difference, huh? I plan to cover all of the wires and sump pump and all the yucky stuff up with fabric/curtains/sheers along the wall. Fortunately they're all pretty much on the same wall and should be easy to camouflage.

What to do about that floor? It's too uneven to paint and embellish, so I might just have to use throw rugs...hmmmmm....thinking, thinking....

Beautiful Music

My next crooked quilt is not quite finished yet. I still have to find the "right" border fabrics. I'd like to do a smaller border in red, but alas....I made the mistake of buying too little of the red fabric I used in the quilt and have yet to find a match for that precise shade. Who knew there were so many colors of red?! And then I'll add a broader dark brown outer border...again...WHEN I find the right fabric.

I chose the center fabrics with the instruments on them mostly because of my musical family. With two guitar players, a cellist/pianist and all of them vocalists/composers, you can imagine that we have melodic and harmonic tones filling corners of our home at pretty much every minute of every day. Up until now, my contribution has been as number-one-fan (and "roadie" of course!). Now I can join in the "song". I don't have a name for this one yet. How about, "And the Band Played On"?

Quilts in Motion

I've really been enjoying this new piecing technique I learned from a library book "Crooked Cabins" by Pat Sloan . It's very freeing for the geometrically challenged like myself. There's little that can bring me closer to using "bad words" than mis-matched points or corners DESPITE measuring and re-measuring before I cut my fabric!

My first quilt I did about a month ago and was all scraps I had on hand (well, mostly...I did buy some of the blacks). I call it "Movin' and Groovin" (thanks Jodes).