Saturday, January 20, 2007

Finished Sewing Room (Studio)

I realized I never posted about my FINISHED sewing room. I know I said I would call it a sewing "studio", but apparently pretension doesn't suit me and I've just not ever been able to make that word stick in my mind. Ah well.

Here are some pics. I really, really, REALLY enjoy being here! Despite the very small space and the mess it's in. One day it will be completely organized (yeah, right!)

Inside Out Origami Flowers

I've been busy again in the sewing room. I rarely get time for so much playing around, but I guess that's what happens when you feed the kids pizza rolls and stay in your pjs all day!

This is a fun fabric folding technique I saw on an episode of Simply Quilts featuring Rebecca Wat and her book "Fantastic Fabric Folding". It's very simple and I've posted the instructions with pics HERE.

Have fun!

Cupcake Pincushions

I spent a good amount of time yesterday trying to figure out how to make these little cupcake pincushions I saw online. I played and played and finally came up with a rough idea of how to.

Here are my results.

I had just cleaned out my daughters closet (well, SHE cleaned it out and then I went through her cleaning and dug up this nifty colorful sweater) and thought I'd try it out. I'm pretty happy with the results and am thinking I'll make some up and give as Christmas gifts next year or throughout the year as the need arises.

Moving on...

Man are my abs sore today from a little 10 minute ab routine I found on tv. No crunches involved which is good since I can't seem to do those right and results. Today, however the pain in my gut is testimony to the effectiveness of this little routine. Yippee!

Friday, January 19, 2007

She's baaaack!

Boy it's been a long time since I've posted here. I basically set up this blog and then waltzed away from it for...oh, it looks like 6+ months! Well now I'm back. It's a new year and a time for new beginnings. Not resolutions mind you...those only fail. Just a time for a fresh habits, new ideas, new adventures.

My first new adventure is a return to a more health conscious lifestyle. John and I are attempting to lose some weight. 10lbs a month is our goal and thus far I'm at 5lbs down! Whoohooo!

This is my favorite way to exercise currently. I used this video and others in her series to lose nearly 30lbs last year. It seems too simple and almost weird to think that you would "walk" and not be outside (or on a treadmill), but I'm telling you...try it! It's a good work out and low impact to boot.

Walk Away The Pounds by Leslie Sansone

10,000 steps a day keeps all sorts of diseases away!

So 5lbs in 2 weeks...sounds good, right? Well, hubby is down 15lbs! Men! It just doesn't seem fair, ya know?

Well, plan on seeing more of me (or if all goes as planned LESS of me) in the future