Saturday, December 29, 2007

Advent Quilt

Now that I have photo capabilities I wanted to share the Advent quilt wallhanging I made and our family used this season.

(Sorry for the lighting issues...I just didn't want to take it down quite yet to get a better picture).

And a few of the felt ornaments I made. Each of them went into one of these pockets. The envelope flap was down until the day arrived and then we lifted it and hooked it to the button I sewed immedicately above it.

I wasn't sure what to make. What symbols I would use. I went back and forth and finally landed on just doing a mish-mash of Christmas/Winter related images.

My kids have an ongoing debate about whether this DOVE looks more like a chicken or a monkey in the face!

I'm being lazy this morning and didn't want to take the time to edit this one further. Tilt your head, k?

This is SUPPOSE to be a wreath, but it mutated in size and ended up looking more like a teething ring.

Despite all the flaws and artistic anomolies, no one wants me to change ir improve any of these. They say they find "joy" in them. Weeeeeell!! I think their joy and ulimately their laughter is at MY expense! hrmph. *wink*


Diana said...

Laughter? Are you kidding!! It's an awesome Advent Quilt. I love the tiny symbols you've put together. The tree fabric is perfect too!

Gumbo Lily said...

I love this Advent quilt!! Thanks for the pics.