Thursday, September 27, 2007

89 Days Until Christmas!!

Now I know, I know...I hate skipping over holidays or even entire seasons and pointing my focus toward Christmas too soon. I recognize the retailers have had Christmas decorations et al in the stores since July and you're tired of seeing that. I'm with you.

The only reason I bring up the Christmas Countdown is to keep myself (and you) aware that if you're planning on any handmade gift giving...NOW is the time to start.

Today I am making a list of those folks that I'd like to gift with something from my needle or kitchen or other handcrafted category. And then I'm going to begin my search for the perfect gift to suit them. I've been gathering a file of gift ideas for a year or so and I'm hoping to find even more. I'll try to remember to share here if I come up something especially nifty!

Here's one for instance:
CD Pocket Tutorial

1 comment:

Gumbo Lily said...

Good for you -- making your lists and checking them twice. I really like this CD pocket. Way cuter than the black ones from Walmart.