Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm Confused or How To Reply To Blog Comments

I LOVE getting comments on my entries. I LOVE hearing from folks who have actually taken the time to read something that I've written (wouldn't my kindergarten teacher, who taped my mouth closed to keep me quiet, be surprised?) and then pause even a moment longer just to chat with me about it.

I also LOVE replying to you and I try to do this as much as I'm able. I LOVE that sense of connection and comraderie that builds when we connect via our blogs and comment sections.

One thing I do NOT LOVE is how confusing it can be for me to find a way to reply to some.

I'm still not completely SURE how I've done this or exactly SURE how others have, but I know there is a way that I am notified via email that I have received a comment on a particular entry I've made. And for SOME of you, I can just hit "reply" from my email account and send you a message. For others, I can't. In this case I do try to go to your profile and hunt down your email. When that fails I try to comment in my own comment section hoping that perhaps you'll return and see that I haven't ignored you, but truly appreciated you stopping by. Besides that, I'm not sure what else to do.

I "think" that the reason that I can reply directly to some and not to others is because of your settings. Some have an email address added under the "settings" and "comments" tab in your Blogger dashboard. It's very simple to do really and I think makes reading and commenting on blogs a gazillion times more fun and friendly.

Do you agree that this is what makes the difference? The email added to the settings, I mean? Or is there some other way to change one's email settings to make a blogger able to reply directly to a comment you left. I really DO want to acknowledge each and every visitor when I can.

Thank you.


Darcie said...

I too, enjoy the little conversations off-blog. It just tickles me pink! ;-)

Enjoy your day, Michele!

diXymiss said...

This image cracks me up! I've no answers, but will be reading any helpful tips (from voices of eXperience) with interest. Off to check my settings...

Storybook Woods said...

Well I know you can reply to me. So I am just saying hi, so you will have a comment xoxox Clarice

Vaughanville said...

Dixymiss, yours is one that says "no reply" to it. So I know it must be something in your settings compared to Darcie, who I can reply to. Do you have an email addy in your settings/comments area?


Christina said...

I'm glad you posted this because I need an answer to this exact question.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what any of this means! :-)

But I'll just say hi. I long ago almost completely gave up trying to post comments on blogger. In most cases, I couldn't get the comments to load (very occasionally they would). But now that I signed on, I can actually say something here.

So, hi. And you crack me up! (And you don't have to reply to me!) :-)

Susan L

Vaughanville said...

Susan. You won't see this, I'm sure, but if you do...THANKS.


Susan L said...

Michele, I forgot to say that I did see this, and you're welcome!

(I'm glad to have the don't-pull-the-butter-knife-out-of-the-head tip even if I can't watch the video!)

And I'll bet *you* won't see *this*! :-)