Friday, April 04, 2008

I'm An Exclamation Point - But Is Anyone Really Surprised?

You Are An Exclamation Point

You are a bundle of... well, something.
You're often a bundle of joy, passion, or drama.

You're loud, brash, and outgoing. If you think it, you say it.
Definitely not the quiet type, you really don't keep a lot to yourself.

You're lively and inspiring. People love to be around your energy.
(But they do secretly worry that you'll spill their secrets without even realizing it.)

You excel in: Public speaking

You get along best with: the Dash
(though I just took the test FOR my dh and I think he's a Comma! And wouldn't it be just like an Exclamation Point to take a PERSONALITY quiz FOR someone ELSE?!)

So, friends...what say you? Do you agree or disagree? What Punctuation Mark are you? If you take the quiz be sure to stop by and tell me and I'll give you MY "evaluation" of it's accuracy. :-)


(you know something...this IS my favorite!! Go figure!!)


Gumbo Lily said...

You? An exclaimation mark? Really? Hmmmmm?


Storybook Woods said...

Oh if there was ever someone who was an exclaimation point, it is you baby xoxoxo Clarice