Saturday, April 05, 2008

Then Sings My Soul Saturday - "Gather at the River" For a Lesson in Singing Harmony

"Just LISTEN and sing it the way I do. I'll sing your part for a while then, once you've got it, I'll switch to mine."

That was the Big Plan that my, then, 12 year old step-daughter came up with. She must have started and stopped the Point of Grace cassette tape (yes...I said TAPE) a hundred times that day and patiently helped me through each note. I tried to explain to her that I just couldn't do it, but she refused to believe me. To her it was as natural as breathing or a heartbeat. I can see her big brown eyes just PLEADING with me to miraculously begin to hear the way the notes all fit together to make chords. I'm sorry to say she was disappointed.

That was over a decade ago. I still can't sing harmony. She told me the other day that until she came to visit this week and heard her Dad, brother and sister playing their instruments and singing (a daily happening in Vaughanville) that she'd "completely forgotten" she was musical. I can't tell you how sad that made me. She use to love singing and playing her flute and dancing and yet, all through her teens, the time she was away from us, she barely explored that part of her.

Well...I remember. And every time I hear this song, I think of that hot summer day and how patiently she worked with a musically hopeless step-mother.


Andrea said...

This is a good one! Your personal story is funny too! Hey, at least she was trying, my kiddos sometimes think I'm hopeless (except our baby - he thinks I still rock). Thanks for sharing!!

Earthmommy said...

My oldest two cringe when I sing, lol....but my little one still loves it. Maybe there's hope for me yet.

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

So funny!

I love this song and I had the "tape" too!!

blessings to you and your family

Gumbo Lily said...

I've never heard this song. I was thinking of the old one: Shall we gather at the river? The beautiful, beautiful river. Shall we gather at the river, the beautiful river of life?

I'm glad your step-daughter got to re-experience the Musical Vaughanville Home again. Perhaps she'll treasure that time and experiment with her natural musical talent again sometime.


Susan said...

Ahhh, what special memories!! Thanks for sharing.

Yes, I had that tape, great song. I remember seeing them in concert a long time ago, GREAT!!


Mocha with Linda said...

Love this song and Point of Grace!

Ginger said...

Me and a couple of friends used to gather at each other's houses and sing POG...we loved it!! Since we've all moved and went our separate ways...keeping up via email and the occasional phone call...but I treasure those times. This was a great walk down Memory Lane for me...think I'll call them!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

OH I love this song too! Thanks for sharing the memories!

Christina said...

Great song. Don't feel bad I couldn't of done it either. At lest you gave it a try.

Maybe now that you have reminded her of her being musical she will pick it up once again. You know sometimes we all need to find our way back to something we once new but lost for a time.

Amy Wyatt said...

I had the tape for this song too and played it out. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

diXymiss said...

Love this sweet and funny story!