Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Picks: 18 of the Funniest Family Friendly Films

After reading this about putting a little laughter in your marriage, Diana asked for some suggestions for funny children's movies. Honestly, I had a tough time coming up with any we liked that were both funny AND just for children. So here is a quick list of those movies that we found to be family friendly, but necessarily just for youngsters.

I'm sure it goes without saying that what one family deems acceptable for their children may not be the same as that of another family. Also, consider the age of your children, etc. There. That's my disclaimer.

I hope you find a few you enjoy.
*Absent Minded Professor(G)
*Daddy Day Care (PG)
*Freaky Friday (the old one) (G)
*Herbie movies (we prefer the older ones) (G)
*Incredible Mr. Limpet (G)
*Mrs. Doubtfire (PG)
*Muppet Movies (G)
*Parent Trap (I prefer the older version, dd likes the newer) (G)
*Princess Bride (PG)
*Shaggy D.A.(G)
*Shaggy Dog (PG)
*That Darn Cat(G)
*The Elf (PG)
*The Santa Clause (PG)
*Three Amigos (PG)
*What about Bob (PG)
*Yours, Mine and Ours (not rated)

And hey...while I'm at it. Are there any NOT on my list that YOUR family finds funny? Leave me a comment.


Christina said...

Great list. What about Bob was one of my favorites. I like the movies you recommend because they all touch on tough subjects yet come out all right in the end. I am not sure if I saw Princess Bride or Yours, Mine and Ours. The most recent movie we rated was the documentary about Polar bears which was quite graphic and might be scary to the younger set. I also loved Evan Almighty. I watched "The Christmas Shoes" with my boys this year and it made them all so sad, but they loved it.

diXymiss said...

Fun list. The old Herbie movies are faves around here too. They just don't make 'em like they used to!

Storybook Woods said...

We love Secondhand Lion xoxoxo Clarice

Scribbit said...

My kids have loved Abbott and Costello films like The Mummy and they love the old classic Disney stuff with Kurt Russell. We're Muppet fans too but they also like Private Eyes with Tim Conway and Don Knotts.

Jenileigh said...

Great list!

(two of my new favorites are Martian Child and August Rush, love em!)

Vaughanville said...
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Vaughanville said...

Great suggestions gals! Some I'd forgotten about and now some of the others are on my "to see" list.


Diana said...

Well thanks for making that list!! My kids were recently turned onto the old Herbie when I bought my vintage bug. I think we've seen all the others but I'm checking Three Amigos. Doesn't sound too familiar. I bought princess Bride at Christmas!

Gumbo Lily said...

How could you forget Napoleon Dynamite?

Jody (who doesn't think it's THAT funny, but her kids do)

Vaughanville said...

How COULD I have forgotten Napoleon? You know…I didn’t like it the first time, but by the second…and then third (Dd gets a REAL kick out of it) I couldn’t help but laugh. It was like I knew some of those characters from my own high school days (dare I admit that!?)

Anyway…my lips hurt…real bad. Gaaaaaw!