Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fueled By Three Cups of Coffee and Two Pamprin...

I started my morning the same way I always do. Stir and roll-over to check the time. 5:00 am. Try to get back to sleep, despite the Call of the Bladder. Finally get up around 5:30 because I just can’t fight that feeling anymore (warning 80's song reference). I’m erect, but I keep my eyes shut as much as possible as I shuffle and feel my way through the familiar dark of my home to the bathroom. If I turn on the light I know I won’t be able to get back to sleep.

I take a minute and trek back to my warm bed and so begins the waiting. Waiting to see if, by some chance I can doze back to sleep for just a little while or, since I usually can't, waiting until there is a more sane number on my digital clock so I can get out of bed and start moving around the house.

In the meantime I lay there, making my day’s to-do list, praying for those who come to my mind, planning dinner, trying to remember where things are and what I needed them for in the first place.

Today my ponderings are accompanied by PMS cramping (oh joy!). What is it about my body that I can’t actually start this monthly ceremony at a decent hour when I’m well prepared, but instead at the pre-crack of dawn when I’ve not had enough sleep to begin with? Such is life.

And so I get up. Go through my bathroom rituals...WITH the light ON this time. Start my fuel pump (coffee maker) and work at getting the child-safety cap off the sample bottle of Pamprin I received in the mail a few days ago (thanks Freebies 4 Mom). I take my recommended dosage of the pills and wash it down with my liquid drug-of-choice which I then carry to my office, fire up my computer and start my day.

The best part of waking up is…

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