Friday, March 21, 2008

Watch the Lamb

My brother-in-law sings this song so beautifully. Whenever I hear it I think of him and the way the Lord has truly worked miracles in his life...and in the lives of each of us.

I hear the beginning of the end. I think about that Passover day, that first Good Friday so many years ago when the Great One humbly stooped down and began what would be the end...the end to mankind's bondage to sin.

May I always endeavor to watch the Lamb.



Diana said...

I don't think I'd heard that before. Wonderful lyrics.
Your blog looks fantastic!

Christina said...

Powerful video. I just recently came across Ray Boltz and somehow haven't heard this one. It was amazing and I am going over to add it to my favorites immediately. Thanks so much for this. I can't wait to show it to everyone.

I love your blog. Very pretty and powerful also.