Saturday, March 01, 2008


Please excuse me if you subscribe to my feed and receive re-postings. I am attempting to do a little spring cleaning and am not sure what will come across the feeds to you.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome. Can you read this font size well?



diXymiss said...

Looks great, Michele! The font size is great and I love the fresh, vibrant colors. I see you've got a link to my blog in your sidebar (thanX). FYI, my addy has changed. Here's the correct link, if you'd like to update it:

diXymiss @ ineXplicable

Darcie said...

Looks great to me, Michele! Like Springtime on my computer screen. Love the header! Oh...and that little picture of aren't going to change that, are you!?! ;-)

Gumbo Lily said...

Hey Michele,
I like the funky colors and new banner. The font size is very good!


Vaughanville said...

No Darcie. Little Michele has to stay. It's all been downhill since then in the "good picture" department! ha ha

Keep yours up too, k?