Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Steam Engine from a Votive Candle (video tutorial)

This is the COOLEST THING!! (keep in mind I'm easily impressed, but still...)

I was doing a StumbleUpon search just cruising the web a couple of days ago and came upon this video. I sat watching and wondering if this would turn out to be four minutes of my life that I'd wish I had back (you know how that is, right?) Well...I'm blogging about it so it MUST have been worthwhile...what more can I say? I give you...the Votive Candle Steam Engine!

Building The Amazing Steam Candle - The funniest home videos are here

Can you imagine these swirling around in low bowls of water as centerpieces or filling the pool at a summer party? Nifty,huh?

Let me know if any of your little geniuses *cough* science geeks *cough* give this a try.


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Storybook Woods said...

Oh sooo cool !!! Clarice

Auberne' Ancalimon said...


Auberne' Ancalimon @-`---

Darcie said...

Well isn't that the coolest thing! Thanks for sharing that, Michele!

Enjoy your week!

Vaughanville said...

Auberne', you come on back over here and tell me when you've made yours. I'd love to SEE IT!

Everyone enjoy and thanks for coming by!


Scrapping Servant said...

Time consuming but entertaining! TFS

Christina said...

I'll have to say that's pretty cool, but do I have the patience to make this? Probably not. I wish these were already made and sold this way. Soon they will be I'm sure. Then I can just go buy them.