Monday, March 31, 2008

Marriage Monday: Be a Generous Wife

My step-daughter is still visiting so Marriage Monday will be short and sweet this week, but what I'm sharing can pack a wallop.

I've subscribed to this email reminder for a couple of years now and I regularly apply the tips and principles that Lori from The Generous Wife shares in her daily tips. Don't be nervous about giving out your email. They are faithful to keep it only for the purposes entended.

Here's what Lori has to say:

Over the years I have grieved to see couples that lack intimacy and show signs of stress and conflict. In considering why, I came to the conclusion that most couples aren't taught how to cope with the changes and stresses of life. Instead of digging in deeper, standing together and nourishing each other, they withdraw in an attempt to nourish themselves, giving up kindness and care, handing out leftovers instead of their very best.

To stop this in my own marriage, I decided to "give a bit more" and, well ... "get generous." It was not an immediate and complete understanding at first, but as I walked toward generosity, I began to reap the benefits of it - my husband's gratitude, respect and love. At that point, becoming a generous wife became a serious goal. (I even jokingly said, "When I die I want 'she was a generous wife' put on my tombstone.") I enjoyed intimacy and security in my marriage and I could face my marriage with a greater sense of integrity as I blessed my husband with little acts of kindness, respect, and love.

I know that generosity won't cure all marriage ailments, but I sincerely believe it will cure many. I offer this list to women as a way of beginning to change the atmosphere in their marriages from one of distance to one of intimacy and mutual respect.

Everyday you'll receive an idea geared to bless your husband (a mix of romantic, practical, sexual, relational, and spiritual). Use the ideas that will work for you and use the rest to spark your imagination in looking for ways to bless your husband. Please join me in becoming The Generous Wife.

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Christina said...

I like this and will definitely check this site out. I think she is right, most people are never taught generosity. Now is as good a time as any.